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Trainer at Your Fingertips

With Premium online training, you have the guidance, support, and experience of a trainer applied directly to your specific situation and needs. 

I personally monitor your program and provide that extra layer of accountability to help keep you on track. In addition, I adjust your program as you and your goals progress over time. 

This is great for those looking to ease their way back into fitness or take their training to the next level. You will experience pronounced changes in your appearance and physical wellness. 

Custom Training

Bespoke training program that is continuously updated as you progress along your path.

Mobile App

Full access to the Frederick Fitness web and mobile app. Includes video descriptions, numerous tracking options, and messaging.

Trainer Support

Weekly email check-ins to help keep you on track and answer questions that arise.


Custom nutrition and lifestyle habits that will align with your current goals.

Training Group

Access to Facebook support group for quick questions throughout the week.

Form Analysis

Record your exercise technique from inside the app and receive feedback on areas you can improve on.

Demo of Training App on Mobile Device

Roughly 80% of people that start working out on their own, will quit within 5 months. A good portion of those that remain will reach a plateau and stay there.

DON’T let that be you.

If you are ready to take control of your fitness, boost your confidence, and start training instead of exercising – fill out the form below to apply right now.

Your Name

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How did you hear about me?

If you could have any super power, what would it be?


How many times a week do you currently workout?

Brief description of goals

Any pre-existing injuries? Explain

How experienced are you with lifting weights?

Up to this point, what has held you back from reaching your goals? (Be honest)

How motivated are you to reach your goals?

Why do you want me to be your coach?

Why do you think you would be a good client?

Are you willing to invest $100 - $300 per month in your fitness?
YesNo, I will do it on my own.

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