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Feel lost trying to figure out what you should be eating?

Looking to add that missing piece to your healthy lifestyle?

Have you tried countless diets in the past?

Ready for something that works and is sustainable for the rest of your life?

With habit based nutrition and lifestyle coaching, you can get the results you’re looking for, and keep them for life.

Take control of your health, while still being who you are.

Forget crazy diets and unreasonable expectations. I work with your current diet and gradually help you improve it. Let me handle the details while you focus on your next step, one at a time.

Get the body you've always wanted.

Reach your desired body goals with improved nutrition and lifestyle habits. Enjoy how you look, increase your energy, or optimize your athletic performance – whatever your goals, I’ll help you get there.

Guidance and support.

I’ll be there with you every step of the way, providing you with accountability, support, and guidance as you progress along on your journey.

Small steps. Giant results.

I’ll break down the complex big picture into small, manageable steps that add up over time into huge results. These steps become second nature to you leading to lasting results.

Achieve your goals.

Tell me what you want to achieve, and I’ll help you do it. The process begins with me learning about your lifestyle, needs, and distinct goals.

From there a plan of action is formulated and over time I’ll provide you with every step you need to feel, look, and perform at your best.

goal setting

What the coaching program looks like.

By using the Frederick Fitness app to track and check-in with your new habits, a continuous line of feedback and accountability is present.

Check out the video to view a demonstration. 

Justin Frederick, ACSM CPT, PN Level 1 Certified Coach

I’ll be working with you one on one helping you every step of the way as you progress towards your goals. As a certified nutrition coach and personal trainer, I’ve worked with people from various backgrounds and starting points achieve their health and fitness goals.

Your success is my success, so lets embark on the journey to a better you together. Take your first step today and sign up for nutrition coaching.

nutrition coach
What exactly am I getting?
  • Habit based nutritional coaching service.
  • Comprehensive initial and follow up assessments.
  • Bi-weekly or monthly phone/Skype check-ins.
  • Access to the Frederick Fitness app on android or apple devices.
  • Weekly email check ins.
  • Educational information relevant to your needs.
  • Your own personal coach, devoted to your success.
What is the cost?

This nutrition coaching program costs $139/month, with a minimum commitment of 3 months. If you sign up for 12 months up front, you pay for only 11 months (1 month free). You can combine nutrition coaching with my fitness training options for further discounts. 

For less than $5/day, you will receive all the tools, guidance, education, and support to help you attain the body you’ve always wanted, and keep it for life.

What this program is not:
  • Not a crash diet system.
  • Does not require you to follow strict meal plans.
  • Not a “21 day fix” or other quick weight solution.
  • Not selling magical supplements or pills.
  • Not restricting you to certain foods that don’t allow you to enjoy your favorite treats.
This coaching program is based on:
  • Eating real, whole foods.
  • Educating you on better food choices that will lead you to a balanced, nutritious diet.
  • For weight loss, build habits that will promote steady, maintainable weight loss that stays off.
  • For weight gain, work with you to promote steady lean mass gains.
  • 1 on 1 support and accountability to help you get through problem areas as well as congratulate you on your wins.

The bottom line is that this nutrition coaching is here to facilitate your change to a healthier, more energized and well rounded lifestyle. If YOU are ready to take that first step, then don’t delay.

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