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Down 56 lbs in 1 1/2 years

christa testimonial“I never imagined that I would begin this journey and actually succeed. As someone who wears their heart on their sleeve for others, someone who rarely gives up on something, I was the first to give up on myself. I was on a rollercoaster ride with my weight all my life. I fuelled my emotions with eating and had gotten myself into a slump. A vicious circle of self-destruction with food and lack of activity. I was unhappy with myself. I made the shift in my mindset – I wanted this, for real this time.

I had joined other gyms in the past. I enjoyed them, but I didn’t succeed because I wasn’t in the right mindset. This time I was ready to take a stand for something positive in my life. I decided to join weight watchers to help me with making good food choices, but I wanted to become stronger, so I joined Frederick Fitness.

I chose to do their online program, because what trainer would want to meet me at 5 am?! I worked hard with Justin, if I wasn’t feeling it, he would encourage me. He’d tell me to try this instead of that, just don’t give up! You’re doing great! I would let him know the areas I wanted to work on and he immediately implemented new workouts into my plan to target those areas. At times, even without prompting, he would revamp my plan and it would focus on areas I had been thinking needed more definition. Justin is focused on his clients, helping them achieve amazing transformations just like mine.

Thank you for helping me accomplish my goals of becoming the strong and confident person I am today. Justin, I couldn’t have done this without your guidance and dedication.”

– Christa A. Marimo

    5 star review  Justin is a fantastic personal trainer. We've worked with him as a couple for a couple months now, and he is always willing to work with you to find a pace that's right for you. I was new to lifting weights, but he was easy going, friendly, professional, helpful, informative, and focused on helping me achieve what was 'success' for me. He does research and keeps informed on what is the best practices in modern personal training. He tracked our results and pushed us to challenge ourselves. Whether you're a trained athlete or just looking to improve your personal health and fitness, Justin is a great person to work with and he will customize his service to suit your needs. Could not recommend him more! I am feeling noticeably stronger, more confident, and am proud of what I have accomplished in my own work with him. Thank you Justin!

    thumb Giselle Boehm

    5 star review  Justin is a super awesome trainer. He's knowledgeable and enthusiastic and tailors each session to keep things fresh and interesting with new workouts and exercises. I've worked out with him both one on one and in group sessions and he was able to keep more seasoned lifters engaged and learning new things while also teaching and supporting those who are new to working out and lifting. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great training experience, whether they're looking to change things up or get into lifting weights and working out.

    thumb Jerad Bech

    5 star review  I’ve been working with Justin for a few years now and the results have really been paying off! I have encountered many personal trainers in the past, and Justin is a long step above all the rest. Justin’s meticulous attention to detail, great variety of workouts, and his determination to get me to my goals make him extremely effective. He is also just a great guy to get along with with his happy disposition! Thank you for keeping my body up to snuff! I cannot recommend him enough and I send him as many people as possible!

    thumb Francois Lacroix-Leung

    5 star review  Since having kids I was finding it difficult to make time for efficient workouts and looked to Justin to help me take things to the next step! Justin was excellent and systematic and taught me things about my past "Go Hard and Injure Myself" mentality. He also introduce me to a foam roller which I now have a love-hate relationship with. Can't say enough good things about working out with Justin!

    thumb Matthew Min

    5 star review  I wanted to add to the positive reviews because I have seen more increase in size and strength from 6 months of training with Justin than I did from a year and a half on my own. He won't make you over train but he won't let you slack either. The exercises he gives are carefully thought out and the routines tailor made to your goals. He also creates a fun, relaxing environment which is less intimidating than a gym. If you stick to his advice on training and nutrition the results will follow, and quickly.

    thumb Dan Murray

    5 star review  I have worked with several personal trainers over the years and none have come close to matching the experience of training with Justin. I have repetitive strain injuries in my forearms that other trainers have ignored and failed to compensate for, causing me even more pain. He is meticulous about creating routines specific to my needs, and adjusts my workout *every* single session based on how I’m feeling. In just over a year Justin has helped me achieve incredible gains despite my RSI, and my injuries are healing despite physiotherapists saying I need to take 6 months off work/gym to heal. Even after long days at work, I look forward to each workout with him. Justin is great to work with, and bang for buck, worth every penny!

    thumb Lane Olsen

    5 star review  He is an awesome personal trainer that will help you reach your fitness goals

    thumb Serge Bourgoin

    5 star review  Justin is a great trainer and a great individual to deal with. He has an online program that is very accommodating and he has a private gym that can be used individually or with a small group. He understands how to train athletes and also your average person that wants to feel better on a daily basis. Thanks Justin.

    thumb dan Shoemaker

    5 star review  I'm so glad that I found Justin at Frederick Fitness. As a former athlete I had very specific things that I needed to improve that were slowing me down in my other sports activities. I had a consultation with Justin and he listened to what my challenge was and then put me through a series of tests to see where I was at. The first session I left pretty excited to learn that I was fixable, it was just going to take some work. The next day I realized how hard I had worked on that first session! I now have a program that I can work in between my other workouts. We have some follow up planned and I'm excited to see how I progress over the next month! Thanks for listening to me and designing something that suits my needs! You're a fantastic trainer and everyone should be doing sessions with you!

    thumb Colleen Heidecker

    5 star review  I've been training with Justin for a few months now and it's been great. Long story short, I went from being totally out of shape/clueless about weight training to being stronger (like, actually stronger which is an awesome feeling) and much more receptive to working out. I've also become much more confident in lifting and putting down heavy things! I used to think weights were scary but he's made them much less intimidating for me. I imagine if you're already fairly confident and experienced with weight training this man could probably sculpt your body into that of a Greek God. Oh also you'll probably become buds with him and parking is super easy to find.

    thumb Raj N


“Just wanted to thank you for getting me into a comfortable workout routine that works for me. I’ve been going 3 times a week now without any issues. Getting bigger and stronger every week! Thanks again Justin”

Blaine Hansen

“Frederick Fitness brings a personal touch to our fitness regimen. Justin cares about our fitness needs and encourages reasonable progress within our levels of ability. My husband and I appreciate his great care to safeguard against injury. His flexibility and ingenuity are demonstrated on the spot when a new problem area / goal is mentioned. I understand that his clients range from competitive athletes to the everyday person (like us). It takes superior skill to work with clients with such varying fitness levels. Therefore, Frederick Fitness offers service for everyone! Thank you, Justin! You make fitness fun!”

Dr. Linda J Keep

“I wanted to be strong. Working with Justin has helped tremendously. He is always encouraging and the days that are tough going for us Justin is very aware of our limits and adapts his program. He gives great tips for getting the most out of each session. I really appreciate that he ensures my form is correct. Justin is very organized and his exercises and demos are easy to follow. Not necessarily easy to do! My enthusiasm for being strong continues. Thanks Justin.”

Carmen R.

“Justin is an amazing trainer that I would recommend to anyone. He creates varied workouts that never become boring or repetitive and his positive attitude makes it easier to push through the harder exercises. Working out wasn’t something that I did for fun but after some time with Justin I would look forward to my workouts and the results I was obtaining. If you are looking for a trainer that develops a workout to meet your specific goals and pushes you in a fun and safe environment, then Justin is the trainer for you.”

Brandon Smith

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