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Frederick Fitness is an Edmonton based personal training studio that helps people gain strength, move better, and look the way they want to. Whether you are interested in stepping up your sports performance or simply want to move and feel better, I can help you.

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Personal Training

One-on-one training tailored specifically for you and your goals. Great for both new and advanced trainees.

Online Coaching

Premium online coaching and support systems geared towards former and current athletes over the age of 30.

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My training style revolves around strength and unlocking your body’s ability to perform.

Whether your goals are to gain an edge in the sport of your choice or to simply look good, I can guide and support you to where you want to be.


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Decoding the Digital Detox: A Roadmap to Mental Serenity

These days, our lives revolve around screens. From working remotely to Netflix binges, we’re spending more time online than ever. But all this screen time can have a downside: digital fatigue. Enter the ‘Digital Detox,’ your ticket to a healthier, happier mind.


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