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Train Like an Athlete.

Frederick Fitness is an Edmonton based personal training studio that helps people gain strength, move better, and look the way they want to. Whether you are interested in stepping up your sports performance or simply want to move and feel better, I can help you. 

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A bit about me:

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Personal Training

One-on-one training tailored specifically for you and your goals. Great for both new and advanced trainees.

Online Training

Premium online training and support systems. The benefits of a in-person trainer at a fraction of the cost.

  • review rating 5  I’ve been training with Justin for nearly 3 years. He is incredibly dedicated to his clients and his profession. I have sustained a handful of sports-related injuries outside of the gym over the past two years. Justin modified my workouts to accommodate my injuries, allowing me to continue to train and gain strength or endurance despite being injured. Best of all, he modified my workouts to rehab my injured joints and muscles! When you enter his domain, be prepared to work, as he tracks your progress, and pushes you to do more than you would dare if working out independently. I have worked with many trainers over the years. I can say, without any hesitation, you will thank yourself for choosing Justin at Frederick Fitness. Highly recommend!

    thumb swithana
  • review rating 5  Justin is a fantastic personal trainer. We've worked with him as a couple for a couple months now, and he is always willing to work with you to find a pace that's right for you. I was new to lifting weights, but he was easy going, friendly, professional, helpful, informative, and focused on helping me achieve what was 'success' for me. He does research and keeps informed on what is the best practices in modern personal training. He tracked our results and pushed us to challenge ourselves. Whether you're a trained athlete or just looking to improve your personal health and fitness, Justin is a great person to work with and he will customize his service to suit your needs. Could not recommend him more! I am feeling noticeably stronger, more confident, and am proud of what I have accomplished in my own work with him. Thank you Justin!

    thumb Giselle Boehm
  • review rating 5  Justin is a super awesome trainer. He's knowledgeable and enthusiastic and tailors each session to keep things fresh and interesting with new workouts and exercises. I've worked out with him both one on one and in group sessions and he was able to keep more seasoned lifters engaged and learning new things while also teaching and supporting those who are new to working out and lifting. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a great training experience, whether they're looking to change things up or get into lifting weights and working out.

    thumb Jerad Bech
  • review rating 5  Justin is an excellent trainer with a fantastic eye for technique and detail! He scales the programs well and is able to make the adjustments necessary to achieve each persons goals. I highly recommend him!

    thumb Jeannine Mallett
  • review rating 5  Justin is a very good personal trainer. I really enjoyed my sessions with him. Never was boring and made it fun and never seemed repetitive during my work outs. Each time I grew stronger and more movements. He is very knowledgeable in what he is doing with both fitness and health. I was a novice person when it comes to the gym let alone a proper work out. Was comfortable in his studio and the personal one on one with Justin.

    thumb Wade Szymanski

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