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This is more than just workouts

Online Coaching is more than just ‘working out’.

Having an online coach is about having access to an accountability partner that provides guidance and support throughout your wellness journey.

Custom Training

We are experts at developing an effective workout and fitness plan that is tailored to your goals and motivates you toward success.


Custom nutritional plans take your lifestyle into consideration and allow you to form healthy habits that become automatic and authentic to you. Your nutrition should be a benefit, not a hindrance to your fitness goals.

Mobile App

Have fitness at your fingertips with full access to the Frederick Fitness web and mobile app. It includes full access to video demos, live messaging, fitness tracking and much more.

Trainer Support

Your trainer will hold you accountable to goals with weekly email check-ins and bi-weekly phone calls.

See Results

See your body transform before your eyes with built in progression and habit tracking, assessments, and progress photos.

Form Analysis

Receive direct feedback that analyses your form when recording exercise inside the app.

Mobile App

Start training instead of exercising

With over 8 years of experience training clients in person, Justin’s custom coaching is designed to get your body to function the way it was intended. Justin is also a certified nutrition coach whose nutritional strategy revolves around valuing whole foods and establishing healthy eating habits. Nutrition is a behavioural change, not a diet. With Justin’s tools and careful guidance, clients can achieve their goals by losing inches, tightening up, increasing muscle mass, gaining confidence and simply feeling better, stronger and healthier. 

Approximately 80% of people who begin working out on their own quit within 5 months. For those that remain, the majority will reach a plateau and stop improving. 

Don’t be a statistic!

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Custom Training

Your training is built around whatever equipment you have & will accommodate your current fitness level. As you progress, your program is updated with you.


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