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Justin Frederick Edmonton Personal Trainer

In my own words

Hey there, my name is Justin Frederick and I became a trainer to help people tap into their body’s innate athletic abilities and achieve the body they desire. 

I offer both online and in person training in a straightforward, methodical fashion that simply works. Through education, demonstration, and support, I will work with you to build lasting habits that you can maintain. No “quick fixes” or “shortcut of the month” here.

I’ve been a trainer since 2013 and have worked with a variety of individuals. My training style revolves around strength and unlocking your body’s ability to perform. Whether your goals are to gain an edge in the sport of your choice or to simply look good, I can guide and support you to where you want to be.

As you may be aware, nutrition is a huge factor when it comes to achieve your goals. So in addition to training, I’m also a precision nutrition certified nutrition coach.

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I’ve played organized sports since I was 7 years old. I was as a thin, lanky kid that was naturally pretty fast. I grew up playing soccer but fell in love with American football after high school. At age 25 I decided to play football for the first time as a defensive back in a semi-pro league – and absolutely loved it.

I started to lift weights in 2009 and found I had a passion for it.  That eventually led me to pursue personal training and in 2013 I made that my career. For my own physical transformation, I went from weighing 135 lbs soaking wet to a lean 180 in my first 2 years. Since then I’ve gotten stronger than my young self could have ever imagined and I sit around 195 lbs.

I’m a big NFL and NBA fan (Cardinals & Lakers).  My workout playlist consists of mostly 90’s & 00’s hip-hop and rap with a select few artists from today’s hip-hop scene. Not as big of a movie and TV buff as I used to be, but will definitely binge every so often. Still enjoy playing video games, strategy and shooters are my main genres.

Programs are designed for your goals and periodized to ensure you continually push past plateaus. As you continue refinements are made.

Provide you with motivation to keep moving, especially on those days where you don’t want to train.

Teach you the fundamentals of being in a gym environment, how to perform exercises with solid form, how to workout on your own, as well as building good nutritional foundations.

You’re on my team and I’m here to see you succeed. Having someone in your corner providing guidance can be invaluable.

You’re not in this alone, I keep tabs on your progress and ensure you’re accountable to your goals.

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