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Fill out the questionnaire below to apply for online coaching.

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What Is Your Primary Goal?
Weight LossMuscle GainRelationship With FoodHealth Optimization

On A Scale Of 1-10 (10 being the highest), How Committed Are You About Achieving Your Goals NOW?

Why Have You Decided To Apply For A Transformation Session Today?

What Is Your Current Nutrition And Exercise Routine? Include What Diets & Exercise You Have Tried In The Past.
E.g. Weight Watchers, Herbalife, 5:2, P90X, PT... 20 Minute home workout Monday, Wednesday, Thursday with a 1 hour run on the weekend. Nutrition: Breakfast = 2 x eggs, Lunch = Sandwich with ham and cheese + crisps, Snack = chocolate bar, Dinner = Pasta with bacon and cheese, Pre-bed snack = rice cakes

What Are Your Health And Fitness Goals Over The Next 90 Days (Include current body weight and goal body weight)?

HONESTLY, Why Haven't You Reached These Goals Already?

What Else Have You Tried To Solve This Already?

Are You Prepared To Invest Financially To Get The Results You Deserve With The Right Guidance And Support From An Expert In The Field?
Yes, if the opportunity is right for meNo, I don't want to change

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