Strength Training for Seniors: Benefits and Safe Practices

senior strength training

As we age, maintaining physical fitness becomes increasingly crucial to ensuring a high quality of life. Strength training for seniors, often overlooked in favor of gentler forms of exercise like walking or yoga, is particularly beneficial for seniors.

How To: Bulgarian Split Squat

split squat

Bulgarian Split Squats are a tremendous unilateral quad dominant movement. I like to cycle these in into my programs quite frequently. In this article I’m going to go over how to perform them, as well as programming suggestions.

Breaking Through Workout Plateaus

Breaking Through Workout Plateaus: Your Comprehensive Guide to Achieving Continuous Results Hitting the gym consistently and following a well-planned workout routine is essential for progress. But what happens when your progress plateaus, and you’re no longer seeing the gains you once were? In this article, we’re going to dive into the world of workout plateaus […]

Play a Sport? Here’s 4 Exercises You Should Be Doing

4 Exercises To Do If You Play Sports Here are 4 of the many exercises that anyone who plays a sport at any level should have in their training regime. These exercises have been chosen because of their carryover to athletic movements and for their injury prevention benefits. See how many of these you already do! 1. […]

Top 3 Exercise Injuries

Top 3 Exercise Injuries Can you relate to this scenario? After putting it off for too long, you commit to get fit—only to find yourself injured the minute you start working out. All of a sudden your fitness goals go back on the shelf and you are left to deal with the pain. Whether your […]

Deadlifts Are Awesome

Deadlifts Are Awesome Deadlifts are easily my favorite exercise. Just you and the bar that is taunting you to pick it up and then when you succeed there is a feeling of accomplishment that is hard to find in any other lift. While it certainly seems to be a simple lift when looking at it, […]