Home Gym Equipment On A Budget

With the beginning of school and fall right around the corner, you might be interested in picking up some home gym equipment. You can make a lot of progress with just your bodyweight, but a few pieces of equipment can really help you out. Here are some home gym essentials I’d recommend starting off with that’ll cost you around $100. I’ve provided convenient links so you can compare with your favorite fitness store.

1. Resistance Band ($17) – Picking up a resistance band that offers 5-35 lbs of resistance is a great place to start. With this versatile band you can perform quite a few exercises, especially for your upper back and shoulders. You can do a lot to help your posture and shoulder health with these bands.

2. Ab Wheel ($19) – Ab wheel rollouts are one of the best anti-extension core exercises out there. For less than $20, it’s definitely a worthwhile pick up. I do recommend working up to being able to do a 60 second plank before giving this a go however. Make sure when you do the rollout, that you focus on your core and start the movement with your hips instead of your arms.

3. Mini Bands ($17) – These are a great way to add some challenge to your lower body exercises and get your glutes firing. Glutes are notoriously lazy muscles, especially if you sit for large chunks of the day. Having glutes that fire appropriately will do wonders for your lower body and can help with keeping your lower back healthy. You can use these for upper body movements exercises as well.

4. Foam Roller ($20-$36) – This is more for recovery and helping you move better. Think of it as your portable massage therapist. While not as good as an actual therapist, it definitely can help relieve muscle tightness and help you feel better. Can also use it for exercises such as a single leg hip thrust with foot on roller. You should be able to find a quality roller at your local fitness store for around $20. Recommend starting out with one that’s on the firmer side and not full of ridges.

5. 2’ x 4’  Exercise Mat – 2″ Thick ($35-$50) – If you can find one for a reasonable price I’d pick it up. These are great for ground based core exercises, stretching, and anything else you don’t want to be on a hard surface for. Another potential link to find this mat is here – fitness avenue.

So there you have my list of essential equipment for your home gym. If you find yourself at a loss for what to do with your new equipment, perhaps online coaching is for you. Check out what I have to offer on my coaching page!

Happy training!