Committing to your fitness - Tips to Find your Anchor

Many of us have a tough time committing to things. We find it difficult to stick to tasks, make time for activities and set clear goals for what we want to accomplish. Making changes can be difficult and scary, especially when things aren’t going as expected. Yet, by committing to exercise, creating a workout schedule, and improving your nutrition, your routine will flow more easily and bring you endless benefits. Here are our top tips for anchoring yourself and committing to your fitness.

Schedule & Plan

Treat your workout the same way you would an important business meeting with a prospective client. Set a specific time, add it to your calendar, and have it be a nonnegotiable part of your day. Before you begin your workout, set aside time to do the necessary preparation. This may include drinking several litres of water and eating nutritious, pre-planned meals. Before you even set foot in the gym, you should be mentally preparing and visualizing the challenge ahead. 

Set Tangible Goals

When you create a goal, you give yourself permission to take action. Set a long term goal for let’s say 12 months and work backwards, setting shorter milestone goals  These short term goals can help you achieve better fitness by keeping your momentum going and developing consistency. Having your goals in mind can help you meet the challenge on those days where you feel drained and lack motivation. 

Start Small

When you break your goals down into smaller tasks, they become much easier to accomplish. For example, without any prior training it is next to impossible to run a marathon. A more manageable start would be to aim to run 5km, then work up from there. This is why it is ideal to work with an experienced trainer who can help create realistic goals and a well articulated plan that sets you up for success. 


It’s not easy to maintain a consistent fitness routine without an accountability partner to keep you on track. If you find that your friend is not able to keep you motivated and you are failing to meet your fitness goals, one of the easiest and most effective methods is with a personal trainer who can help you hit specific benchmarks. In any journey there’s a good chance you’ll stumble at some point. That’s why it’s important to have the proper support ready to keep your forward momentum going.


Wellness is a journey worthy of celebration! You are embarking on steps toward the best version of yourself and you want to celebrate each milestone that you cross. Don’t be afraid to embrace rewards and be proud of your accomplishments. 

Getting in shape is a good way to regulate your period, manage stress and take care of your overall health. At Frederick Fitness, we are with you every step of the way and look forward to helping you accomplish your unique goals via a curated fitness program specifically designed for you. 

Roughly 80% of people that start working out on their own will quit within 5 months. A good portion of those that remain will reach a plateau and stay there. 

Don’t let that be you, apply to be part of Frederick Fitness today.